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Re-Konception! Named to
2010 Black Essence Awards
Hall of Fame


Deacon Jack Reese, affectionately called
'JaReese' was an essential partner in
the second year of Re-Konception!'s
music ministry.  He contributed
much of the background music
used in our original compositions. He
passed away just eight days after
this picture of him and Joby was taken
in the Green Room  at the North East Ohio
(NEO) Gospel Revival
at Columbiana Baptist
Church in Ohio, March 21, 2009.


God gave Joby Brown a song ("Mirror of You") and a mission in 2005.   "Share the music I have given
you with the entire world, it is not yours to keep," He said.  Henceforth, our mission is to bring forth the
Word through music, and share it with all, not just the church, but with the entire world--everyone everywhere!

Our only regret is that our parents are no longer here on Earth to be able to experience Re-Konception!
However we are grateful that they inspired us to serve God and we will see them again when we're in Glory.

James' parents:                                                   MiMi's parents:
Issac 'Ike' & Mamie Montgomery                      Oscar & Elizabeth Russell
of Steubenville, Ohio                                               of Toledo, Ohio
Issac was a successful entrepreneur,                  Oscar was an aviation mechanic,
Mamie was a housewife.                                        Elizabeth was a nurse


Christian Music
Is Now
Being Enjoyed
In The U.S.A.,
North America,
South America,
West Indies,
East Indies;
The World


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On Friday May 11, 1979, Joby's father Joseph Brown, Sr. passed away the same day Joby fulfilled a promise to
him that he'd complete his first major recording project
with Luendian Konception! featuring several guest artists.
Joby's mother, Elizabeth Mildred Cockfield Brown joined
her husband in Glory on Friday August 8, 2003.

On May 11, 2007, God the Father envisioned Joby
to build a Christian Music Ministry, based on the
innovative and cutting edge koncepts that
were the staples of Luendian Konception!
and its forerunner, Konception!, formed in
Pittsburgh with members of the Ozanam Strings
Youth Symphony Orchestra during Spring of 1974.

Thus the creation of Re-Konception!, founded with the
faithful devotion of Joby and his God-given wife, friend, partner, helpmate and soulmate, Miriam Brown. 
God has anointed, guided, encouraged and often
carried their ministry from there to where it is today.



Re-Konception!, an award winning artist (comprised of songwriters Joby Brown, Miriam 'MiMi' Brown & James Montgomery), is a Christian Contemporary and Southern Gospel music & arts ministry, featuring concerts, worship services, television, live & web radio, CDs, downloads & streaming, art & crafts.  It was founded by and is directed by Joby, a retinitis pigmentosa (RP) patient, and his wife, MiMi.  They hosted Advent of Autumn Christian Music Festival to raise money for surgery to help Joby keep his vision.  You can help the cause by booking us, by donating, and by ordering the music and art-based products displayed on the 'Music Market' & 'Marketplace' pages. These product pages will be updated with our newest products very soon.

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Re-Konception!, sponsor of Advent of Autumn Christian Music Festival, has appeared on TV, Radio,
Concerts, Revivals, Morning Services, Festivals, Nursing Homes, and other events in Pennsylvania,
Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Indiana & Michigan. They're heard and seen around the world on
Radio Airplay/Jango Internet Radio & You Tube.  CDs are available and now downloads & streaming.

Here are Joby & MiMi during a brief chill moment.  We welcome new member James Montgomery.

Member Songwriters,
Composers & Publisher