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01:44:18 PM
It was lovely meeting you both at the Merrick art gallery for the Rat Pack memorabilia show! Thanks again for the wonderful cd! You truly have a great gift. ~Tiffani
01:02:01 AM
Big greeting to you all in faith for Jesus blood and be encourage that go an into victory with the bibles promiess and care of the lord right now with pleasure of heaven with us in enjoy and inhealing and in strength with harmony and thanksgiving for life in God,thanks and bless,keijo sweden
KanakaraoNakka and Indu Mary
03:17:33 AM
Dear Friends in Christ, Greetings in the name of our Lord Christ! I would like to testify what Jesus has done for me. I had vision one day that I was hurt by a thorn in my right leg. It was very painful. I wept like anything. I was looking for help that someone would come and remove the thorn from my leg but no body came. At that time I remembered Lord Jesus. All of a sudden I got courage. I removed the painful thorn from my leg which nobody could remove. Suddenly I woke up. I thought about the vision. My whole body sweat. I shivered. I went to my room, prayed and asked the Lord about what has happened. I felt some pain in my right ear. When I was 9 years old I fell down from my bicycle. I had an injury at that time. After few days puss began to flow from my ear. I took it very easy. Never went to the doctor. I left it for 16 years like that. When I was in the school my friend used to hate me because of the puss and bad smell. Even elders also hated me. I had to be away from them because of this. I neglected and after some time the wound has grown up in the ear. Then I prayed to God In Jesus name and went up to the hospital for check up. Fortunately the doctor was a Christian. I told all about myself and I am living for Lord Jesus Christ. Then the doctor checked my ear, encouraged me, and took X-ray. He also told me that you have to go through operation for the ear. Otherwise it will be very dangerous. The doctor told me to come with Rs.40, 000/- for the operation. When I expressed my inability for that much amount. I told them that I have Rupees. 9,000/- and do whatever they like. I told them that God will certainly heal me. I believe that He is true God and His command me not so hard. I believed the Holy Bible and do Bible work and prayed and prayed to God in the Hospital. The doctor couple had vision about me and they operated my ear. During the operation I had very severe pain and I remembered the vision which I had before, and prayed, “Lord! You have mercy upon me and you heard me. You gave me strength and thanked Him. The operation was done within 3 hours which was supposed to go on for 7 hours. I experienced the presence of God during the operation and He comforted me. He cared me and helped me. God gave me rebirth. I dedicated myself that I would do His service faithfully. Then I heard a sweet still voice “Amen”. The doctor told to my mother that the operation was successful and my mother was astonished and the people around and said “God is great and we are the witness for this.” Jesus is truly Saviour. He does wonders through healing. He is merciful and kind and they were encouraged. Dear Friends in Christ , When I was about to die He gave me life and using me in His service. He is using me to get your encourage and Ministries. This is wonderful healing which Jesus Christ has done. Please share this testimony in your churches and your ministry partners, conferences and to your friends and your beloved family and your Church. Convey our best wishes to your Family and your Ministries peoples. Much love to you and your dear family and your Team members. Please add it my testimony in your Ministry web page by God’s will. Thanking you, Brother and Pastor N. Kanaka Rao